Advocates Applaud Historic Vote in Senate on Child Safe Products Act

 Urge Rapid Advancement to Reach Floor this Session

(Albany) In its final meeting of the year, the New York State Senate Environmental Conservation Committee voted unanimously to advance the Child Safe Products Act to the Finance Committee, the first time a Senate committee has taken such a vote on the bill.

This bill has tremendous support with 37 of 61 Senators signed on as co-sponsors, and the enthusiastic support from all five IDC members. Forty seven business, health professional, health-affected, children’s, labor and environmental organizations have submitted memos in support, and more are arriving daily.

“What are we waiting for? Today’s unanimous vote shows that the Child Safe Products Act has the momentum it needs to get to the floor for a vote,” said Kathy Curtis, Executive Director of Clean and Healthy New York and Co-leader of Just Green Partnership. “Thanks to Senator Boyle for his leadership in protecting children from the dangers of toxic chemical exposure.”

The bill acts to protect children from toxic chemicals by declaring a list of chemicals of concern, establishing a priority list of nine chemicals, requiring manufacturers to disclose priority chemicals in children’s products, and phasing out their use.

Senator Phil Boyle, (R-Bay Shore), lead sponsor of S. 4614 said, “This is not a controversial issue. Protecting children from toxic chemicals is just common sense. I thank my colleagues for advancing the Child Safe Products Act, and am committed to seeing it reach the Senate floor for a full vote.”

Laura Neiderhofer of the New York State Sustainable Business Council said, “New York State business leaders are concerned about the health and business impacts that can arise if the products they use or sell contain toxic chemicals. Now we are one step closer to passing the Child Safe Products Act, which will drive the marketplace towards safer solutions, support companies that make safer products, and restore consumer confidence. Having passed the Assembly three years in a row now, we are looking to the New York State Senate leadership to ensure it passes this session.”

“Passage of the Child Safe Products Act without a single no vote from any member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee is a good first step, but to protect children in our most vulnerable communities the Senate needs to bring up this bill and pass it. WE ACT thanks Chairman Grisanti, Vice Chair Avella, and committee members Senators Serrano and Espaillat of Harlem and Washington Heights for their hard work. Let’s finish the job to protect kids,” said Cecil Corbin-Mark, Deputy Director of WE ACT and Co-leader of Just Green Partnership.

Michael Helman, Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York said, “Our deepest thanks to Senator Grisanti for moving forward the Child Safe Products Act. This is a crucial step towards enacting legislation that will safeguard our children from toxic chemicals. The bill provides a comprehensive framework for addressing the issue of toxic chemicals in children’s products, and the New York State Senate leadership should take the next step and allow the bill to be considered by the full senate.  We have the utmost confidence that this will occur because no responsible party would turn a blind eye towards New York State’s most valuable asset, our children.”

“With today’s senate committee vote, The Child Safe Products Act takes its first step towards passage and protecting the children of New York from the exposure of toxic chemicals,” said Caitlin Pixley, Conservation Associate with the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter. “In order to ensure this bill becomes law, it is now up to Senate leadership to act. We continue to thank Senator Boyle for his sponsorship and Senator Avella in working to move S.4614.”

“It’s simply common sense that products intended for our children should be safe before they are allowed on store shelves. New York’s children deserve safe products made without chemicals that can make them sick,” said Ansje Miller, Eastern States Director of the Center for Environmental Health.

“As Long Islanders, we have enjoyed a long history of advancing laws that protect our children and our families from environmental chemicals that cause illness. We call on each and every one of our elected Long Island representatives to support The Child Safe Products Act as it moves forward to a vote,” said Karen Joy Miller of the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition.

“We’re pleased this common sense legislation was approved by the Senate environment committee,” said Saima Anjam of Environmental Advocates of New York. “But the leaders of the Senate need to bring the bill before the full body for a vote. Parents deserve to know if products contain dangerous chemicals. Our kids deserve a vote.”

“To put it simply, children and toxic chemicals do not mix,” said New York League of Conservation Voters President Marcia Bystryn. “Today, the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee stood up for New York families by approving common sense legislation that will help address longstanding concerns about dangerous chemicals in children’s toys and products. We applaud members of the committee for their support and we look forward to the Senate leadership bringing this legislation to the floor for a vote as soon as possible.”

Nine Senators voted for the bill with an unqualified “yes” – Senators LaValle, Marcellino, Young, Avella, Espaillat, Latimer, O’Brien, Serrano, and Tkaczyk.  Four voted yes without recommendation – Senators Grisanti, Little, Maziarz, and O’Mara.

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