History & Accomplishments

The JustGreen Partnership was formed in the spring of 2007 by fifteen organizations. JustGreen since grown to over 50 organizations, with partner organizations across the state.  It is widely recognized among legislative, executive and agency staff and nationally as the premiere collaborative working for environmental health and justice for New York’s people and communities. The Partnership works at the local, state and national level and is the New York-based SAFER collaboration.  Here are just some of our accomplishments.

  • JustGreen won the first-in-the-nation ban on the “flame retardant” chemical TCEP.
  • JustGreen led the charge and won the state ban on BPA (bisphenol-A) in baby bottles and sippy cups.
  • JustGreen partners helped secure passage of green procurement policies in both Long Island county legislatures – Nassau and Suffolk – and creation of Executive Order 4, which sets green procurement requirements for the State government.
  • We supported passage of lead poisoning and primary prevention law, secured two-house passage of a lead in jewelry restriction and drafting by DOH of regulations (now covered by new federal Consumer Product Safety Commission law).
  • Achieved NYS Assembly passage of bills phasing out toxic flame retardants, and requiring companies to take back and recycle their electronic devices.
  • Advanced state-level phthalates and bisphenol A restrictions.
  • Worked with organizations around the country to support the 2008 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which, among other things, requires that lead and phthalates not be used in children’s products starting this winter.
  • Released groundbreaking reports such as HealthyToys.org, Is It In Us? Chemical Contamination of Our Bodies – Regulatory Failure and Opportunities for Action, and Baby’s Toxic Bottle  [pdf reader required].
  • JustGreen Partners have been appointed to the Pollution Prevention Institute Advisory Board, the Green Procurement Advisory Board, and the Taskforce on Flame Retardant Safety.
  • Secured State funding for the Pollution Prevention Institute and other environmental health budgetary measures.
  • Worked with the Attorney General’s office on toxic metals in jewelry and other products, prompting a consent agreement with retailers with protective, enforceable provisions.

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